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Fritz Underground Winery

Privacy Policy Statement

1. Data Collection
We limit the information collected about you to what is needed for conducting business and offering products and services that might be of interest to you.

2. Quality
Because you deserve the highest quality products and services we can offer, we use advanced technology to help keep information about our business relationship with you complete, accurate, and up to date. In addition, our associates are dedicated to the highest standards of service integrity and continuous improvement--in everything they do.

3. Confidentiality Agreements
We carefully select service providers who share our commitment to the preservation of your privacy. We hold these providers to the same standards that we observe in our own offices, and we regularly monitor their compliance to our policies and procedures. We do not sell or rent our customers' information to any outside company or organization.

4. Customer Relations
The Company has a commitment to serving the customer. It is through the valuable feedback given by the customers themselves that the company is able to ensure the high quality the customer expects. Customer service is our number one priority.

Ten Tips to Help You Protect Your Privacy and Security Online
You can take the responsibility to protect your personal privacy online. Here is a checklist that will help safeguard your privacy and protect the integrity of your computer and your account. We urge you to print these tips and post them near your computer for you and your children.

  1. Never give your password to anyone online. Never give your billing information except to facilitate a purchase.
  2. Make your password at least 6 characters in length. Create a password that includes a combination of numbers and letters (such as sun698ray or bell34jar2 or 12hat93). Be sure to use different passwords for each screen name on your account.
  3. If you have fallen for an online scam and gave out your password, change your password right away. Before you sign off, create a new password for your screen name. Also, change the passwords for any other screen names on your account.
  4. Setting up a profile about yourself can be a good way of connecting with communities of company members. But be aware that Member Profiles are public. It’s a good idea to avoid including information that could allow people to find you off-line, such as your phone number or exact street address.
  5. Use filters or software such as “Net Nanny” to control the e-mail you and your children receive. You can block e-mail from the Internet, entire domain names and specific e-mail addresses. You can even block the exchange of attached files or pictures in e-mail.
  6. Your computer cannot catch a virus from your opening a piece of e-mail. But if it asks for a password or billing information, or contains a file attachment from someone you don’t know, notify one of our representatives to learn how to report it.
  7. Never download files unless you know what they are and who sent them to you. Computer viruses and destructive programs that could cause your computer to divulge personal information are often transferred in cleverly disguised files.
  8. When you leave the company environment to go on the Web, you may want to check the sites you visit to see if they have a privacy policy. Take special care to protect your personal information and your screen name, since our company does not bind the operators of Web sites to our privacy policies.
  9. Explain to your children that some contests could ask them for personal information, and make very clear what information they may or may not provide, under any circumstances.
  10. You can get instructions to report any violation by contacting one of our representatives and get answers to common questions, and more tips for protecting yourself online.

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